Challenge Mode
A Snook Challenge is a 1-on-1 PvP mode that provides an awesome way to demonstrate your skill and crush other players, and also win very cool prizes (most of which you cannot get in normal play mode).
Again, we kept it simple – kill or be killed.


In contrast to Snook's standard gameplay, all the challenges are in one versus one (1v1) mode. The map itself is much smaller and shrinks over time with similar to the Battle Royal game genre to cap the game length, raise the adrenaline bar and avoid internet trolls.

Challenge types

There are 3 different challenge types planned to be released over time to Snook's game:
  • Wonderland
  • Dress Room Fight
  • Big Boys Table


In this type of challenge, the pairs are selected at random matchmaking. The winner is awarded a random special Trait that can be achieved only in this Challenge mode. If a snook died in the challenge, you cannot resurrect it. If a snook died and dropped a normal Trait, the winner is able to consume them like the standard gameplay.

Dress Room Fight

This type is similar to the Wonderland Challenge, except that it is open only for snooks with special skins and there's an entry fee that equals the cost of a single Trait snook resurrection.
The winner of the challenge receives the loser's snook (NFT – lock, stock, and barrel), minus 2 random Traits. If a snook died in this type of challenge, it cannot be resurrected.

Big Boys Table

In this type of challenge, you can create a private 1-on-1 game.
Anyone can create or join a BBT-room. When you create a BBT-room, you are required to allocate collateral in $SNK tokens and also pay a fee that is 2.5% of the collateral. (This is to avoid BBT-room privileges being abused. Also, we too need to make a living.) If someone wants to join your BBT-room, she will have to match the collateral and pay the same 2.5% fee. Once you created a BBT-room, you can exit it and be refunded, if after 15 minutes no one joined.
The winner of the challenge takes both collaterals minus the fee she paid. If a snook died in this type of challenge, it cannot be resurrected.
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