Traits & Special Skins

It's all about the Traits

The core gameplay of Snook is to collect Traits. Collecting Traits changes the appearance of your snook, it is how you unlock Special Skins (specific combination of Traits), it is how you "pay" for resurrection (we explain that further down), it is the most basic determinant of your performance and therefore of your snook's NFT value.
You will not find, in this page, a list of available Traits, Special Skins, or combination recipes (maybe an example or two). We believe that keeping those in the dark will encourage exploration, discussion, and collaboration among members of the Snook community.


All together there are, currently, 27 different Traits in the game which are divided into 3 different types:
  • Color Traits
  • Pattern Traits
  • SWAG/Wearable Traits

Trait Mechanics

The only source of Traits

When a player mints a new snook it comes with a random Trait. So, in the game, all other snooks around you have Traits in them. If you kill another snook it will drop all its orbs on the map and possibly also a Trait or several (we explain that below).
Now you see why the only source of Traits in the game are other snooks...

Trait assignment

Traits (that you get when you mint your snook or when you collect it from a dead snook) are randomly assigned to your snook's skin (body) or to other Traits already appearing on it. A snook's body is divided into 4 parts: upper body, lower body, upper head & lower head. Color and pattern Traits can be assigned to the U/L body parts, while color Traits can be assigned to the head parts as well. Color Traits can also be assigned to SWAG/wearable Traits. SWAG/Wearable Traits have specific attributes that sometimes limit them to specific body parts.

Dropping Traits

When a snook dies there's a certain probability it will drop Traits. It is possible but unlikely that it will drop all of them/ The algorithm defines a certain probability for dropping the Trait. it does so independently for each body type. So, if your snook had 4 Traits assigned to a body part, and it does drop a Trait, that Trait will be selected at random.
Complicated? Just play the game.

Actually, it's all about the Special Skins :)

Yeah yeah, we said it was all about the Traits. Sue us.
Special Skins are hidden assets that get unlocked when a player collects a certain combination of Traits. Once that happens and the final needed Trait is collected, the snook changes into the Special skin. We're not saying what these combinations are, or what the Special Skins are (although some have leaked already). We will say that the order of collecting the Traits doesn't matter and that there is no such thing as "feeling full" so you don't need to collect more Traits. You always want more Traits. Once you hit the right combo you will have a Special Skin and still retain all the additional Traits (even if they are not visible). You will need those extra Traits.
If you get a Special Skin you become eligible for Special Skin rewards.
Currently, there are 40 Special Skins available. We are committed to generating and creating new exciting skins to keep the game fresh.
Here are a few examples:

snook forms

As you can see in the examples above, snooks have two graphic forms: in-game asset (on the left) and collectible asset (in the middle).
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