Since Snook is a multiplayer game with expected relatively high TPS we have decided to build Snook’s blockchain layer with Polygon's technology (previously MATIC), a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.
Polygon is an Ethereum sidechain (L2) the solves Ethereum scalability problem and brings the following advantages:
  • Fully Ethereum compatible, supporting all the existing Ethereum tooling (if you know Ethereum, you know Polygon).
  • Faster - 10000 TPS with the potential of further horizontal scaling.
  • Realtime updates by Dagger server with webhooks.
  • Cheap gas fees - to allow us to pay the gas fees for every transaction happening in Play Snook, to create a seamless experience for both crypto veterans and the mass-market.
For off-chain token data, a distributed and cryptographically verifiable data storage system known as IPFS is utilized. It allows cheap storage of big volumes of data without losing ownership features of blockchain storage.
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