Economy and Gameplay

Snook’s economy is inseparable from its gameplay. Moreover, if we want to create a sustainable economy, we need to foster a stable base of active users playing Snook, and that is done both through strong game design and also, very much with appropriate economic incentives.

Background and Context

The Snook Economy evolved and changed over time. The first major change was published on December 9th, 2021 - Snook: Economy Upgrade — Light Paper. Its purpose was to fix some fundamental faults we uncovered in the game's fundamental design and economy. We wanted to safeguard the original vision of Snook: A game that rewards performance achieved through hard work, commitment, skill, and talent. The approach was not to “plug” holes, but rather to identify architectural faults and redesign them.

Without going into the weeds (and also since you can read the light paper on your own), we were able to realize the goals we set, and Snook adopted a revamped game design that solved the problems and offered a stronger, truer to the vision gaming experience. It was then that Snook introduced PPK, eradicated the “feeders”, transitioned to a multi-chain architecture, etc.

Once that stage was fully integrated, we had time to go back to the original product roadmap, adapt it to fit the new architecture and get back on track. And we’ve done exactly that over the past 6 months. Since this is a new version of the Snook Whitepaper, there will be some repetition with the light paper.

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