BBT Themed Rooms (BBT-TR)

Rationale and Core Features

We at Snook are proponents of collaboration and encourage the setup of crypto communities. This is the state of mind that drove this very cool mini Snook-verse - providing a personalized environment for crypto communities. This personalized Snook environment provides existing and new crypto (and non-crypto) communities exposure to new users with similar interests, and an opportunity to promote their offering. That is why everyone who interacts with Snook can see every listed BBT-TR. It’s also a fun place, with a familiar look-and-feel to hang-out and play together, strengthening the sense of community and belonging.

The most basic application of BBT-TR is for NFT collections. A crypto NFT collection reaches out to Snook. They can choose if to design the graphic assets on their own or to provide Snook with the graphic assets and we will put the room together for them. Once that is done, the collection gets listed on Snook and it becomes available through the game UX. Now, anyone who meets the access criteria they set up, for example ownership of an NFT from the Collection, can join and play Snook in their BBT-TR. Easy Peasy. Ask Lobster DAO, one of the first communities to set up their own Themed Room.

For Snook this is a great opportunity to expose Snook to new communities (reducing the individual user acquisition cost), as well as a way to tap into new markets.

Who is BBT-TR for?

Anyone who wants to create a unique branded experience to his community/followers/etc.


As mentioned above the BBT-TR is designed to empower crypto-communities and brands. That first term, “crypto-communities” is purposefully ambiguous. We do not want to limit the participation. In fact, we want to set a low bar for participation. Therefore, if a group of crypto-enthusiasts wants to set up a BBT-TR they can fairly easily create a small NFT collection and apply for it to be listed in Snook. There is also the matter of Staking which we describe next. (We said “low bar”. We didn’t say no bar.)


In this sub-sub-section we will simply describe what is required if one wants to list and set up a BBT-TR. In the Economy and Gameplay we go into the economic implications and the cool innovation that it is.

Anyone wanting to list an NFT collection, and set up a BBT-TR will be required to stake a certain amount of $SNK. That staking amount is differential and depends on the attributes of each specific group. It is also a minimal staking bar for activation of the BBT-TR. However, if they redeem some of their staked $SNK and the amount staked goes below the defined threshold, the collection and its BBT-TR will become inactive, until the difference is deposited in the staking contract. Read more in Activity-tied Staking.

Access criteria

BBT-TR are private by default. That means that when the BBT-TR is designed, its owners define a set of criteria. If a user wants to play in a listed BBT-TR environment she has to meet those criteria. In the case of NFT Collections it will most commonly be ownership of one or more NFTs from the collection.

Currently we can implement privileged access to token holders of the following protocols: ERC20, ERC721. You can create and play BBT-TR via any chain supported by Snook. It does not matter which blockchain the NFT collection itself lives on, it will work fine in Snook.

Set up

When creating a Themed Room, the setup dialog box includes a radio button that toggles the BBT-TR option on and off. If toggled on, a dropdown menu becomes active with a list of all listed BBT-TR. If the creator does not meet the criteria for any of the listed BBT-TR, the listed BBT-TR will be grayed. If she is authorized, she can select from the ones that are available to her.

If you are sure that you should have access and the list is all in gray, you should check if you are connected with the wallet associated with that BBT-TR/collection.

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