Battle Arena

The Battle Arena mode is an LOS (Last One Standing) challenge mode. Snookers get an opportunity to demonstrate their skill by crushing others, collecting special Traits and receiving pay per kill. Here’s the short version: 8-15 Snookers playing on a small and shrinking map. Selecting this mode adds the Snooker into a queue, the game starts as soon as there are at least 8, but no more than 15 Snookers. Games are capped at 12 minutes. Last One Standing wins

Environment and setup

  • Shrinking arena

  • 8-15 Snookers

  • Once the match starts, other Snookers can’t join in.

  • Matches are time capped


1.Select Battle Arena

2. Select servers (it’s possible to select more than one).

3. In the Snooker’s Lair, select a snook.

4. Snook will search for other players wanting to join the match.

5. Once a match is found there are two options:

  • Waiting until there are at least 8 snookers ready to play.

  • If the Snooker is the 8th or higher, she will be connected to the match immediately.

Additional information that didn’t fit any of the other headers

  • A sometimes-appearing, single-use extraction portal.

    There’s a chance an extraction portal will appear at a random place and time. If a snook uses that portal, she can exit the game without losing any of her snook-NFT attributes.

  • Trait Vault

    The Vault is a box with a timer appearing in the arena in a random place and at a random time. When it opens it reveals a Trait. A special Trait that can only be obtained by collecting it from the vault or winning the match (Although unlike collecting it from the Vault, if you win the Battle Arena you might get the Trait, but you also might not. Just like before there’s a probability function).


The Battle Arena has several options for earning:

  • PPK - Battle Arena is Snook’s PPK arena. Go to the PPK sub-section for more about its mechanics. Below you can see the $SNK she earned [PPK - s/he was awesome! S/He killed all 7 other snooks. Phew. I mean who is s/he Anton frekin’ Chigurh?]

  • Prizes - The winner will be awarded the special Trait based on a probability function.

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