Trait Inflow & Outflow

Trait Inflow

In “Trait Inflow” we mean adding new Traits into circulation, i.e., increasing supply.


It should be clearly stated, minting is the main and most dominant source of Traits in the Snook-verse. It may sound trivial, however, there are other, a bit more “exotic” sources of Traits. Nevertheless, those are negligible in comparison to the simple act of minting a snook that “births” a new random Trait into existence.

Now, because playing in the Battle Arena is the main reason for minting (it’s possible to mint and never play, but again, that is not a significant activity), it is fair to say that the Battle Arena is the engine driving the supply side of the Trait economy.

Other sources of Traits

Other than minting there are two additional ways of getting a Trait:

  • Winning matches in the Battle Arena - A probability function determines if the winner gets a special Trait that is only available by winning or through the Vault

  • The Vault - The same Special Trait is also available once the Vault opens

Also, it is possible that Traits will be available in the future in other avenues in the game, or as part of promotional activities.

Trait Outflow - Snook Ladder the engine driving Trait Demand

In “Trait Outflow” we mean removing Traits from circulation. Reducing the number of Traits creates demand. That almost always happens when a snook dies (either in the Battle Arena or the Ladder). And we mean proper death, yeah? Not just losing a life.

  1. Dying without resurrecting

    • Snook Ladder - When a Special Skin dies in the Snook Ladder and is not resurrected it is burned and its Traits are “burned” with it.

    • Battle Arena - When a snook (Special Skin or not) dies in the Battle Arena and is not resurrected it too is burned and its Traits are “burned” with it.

  2. Resurrection - Resurrection (and Fusion too for that matter) destroys at least one Trait in the process itself.

  3. Unclaimed Traits - In the Battle Arena when a snook dies it sometimes drops a Trait (or Traits). If that Trait is not picked up by another snook (within a fairly short time frame) it disappears (into the void of Cthulhu).

We should note that these options are not symmetrical. Losing Traits in the battle arena affects the Snook economy much the same way that losing change in the sofa affects the household economy. Both do, and it might not be a negligible effect, but none are decisive. The Ladder remains the main source of demand.

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