Less basic, but still pretty basic


Note that acceleration reduces your score and reduces the size and mass of your snook.

Mass matters

As mentioned, when a snook's score goes to zero it dies [loses a life]. Since acceleration is the number one cause for “losing weight”, we’ve put in place an acceleration limit at a score of 100. That means you can’t accelerate anymore if your mass is at 100.

*mass matters is part of August's future version rollout.

Going into the fetal position

Turning on your own body (curling up) results in immediate reduction of score/mass.


Lock ‘N Load allows the user to commit multiple snooks to a play session. This makes reentering the game faster. It also reduces certain network /blockchain information- propagation errors and lowers transaction costs.

Lock ‘N Load combines two actions into a single click. It “locks” the snook in the game. That means that while it is locked, she cannot sell it or transfer it, or try to play with a dead snook. We think it’s pretty clear why. And it enables “allow game” which means that Snook can now update her snook’s metadata / state on the blockchain. Someone said something about mutating NFTs? pretty cool.

Pay Per Kill (PPK)

All of Snook’s game modes provide play-to-earn/prize opportunities. The most basic, available in the Battle Arena, is the PPK. [Not to be confused with the Walther PPK that belongs to a different franchise.]

If you’ve made it this far you already understand this part. Killing is not a huge skill, but it is still a skill and on a very basic level it separates Snookers the Killers from the Killed. Providing a quick reward for Killing brings a larger part of the Snookers community to skill-based reward. Different and additional reward mechanisms are discussed below and in Economy & Gameplay.

Collecting Traits

As discussed in Trait Acquisition.


Snook can be a highly rewarding game but at the same time an unforgiving one. When your snook dies in-game, you can say your goodbyes, which means the snook-NFT will be burned. That can be tough. A snook dying (after expending 5 lives) can represent a significant loss of value (in terms of effort and time invested, as well as Traits and or Special Skin acquired. The Battle Arena mode (see below) allows you to resurrect your snook within a 1-hour time window after death. It will cost you. For more details see the Cost of Resurrection in Economy and Gameplay.

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