Implications - Role Strata

This economic equilibrium between the Snook Ladder (Demand) and the Battle Arena (demand) fosters the development of a strata of “roles”. In that we mean a naturally emerging order of different layers of Snookers that tend to focus on specific links in the value chain. This is not news. Value chains in the traditional economy separate different functions as well. Some people and organizations focus on extracting raw materials, others process it and add value to it until it forms into a product or service. The roles we present below describe a rough distinction, and the reality will include additional roles and a lot of overlap.

Trait Hunters

Trait hunters play snook to collect Traits predominantly in order to sell them (i.e., the snook-NFT they are associated with). They form a spectrum of course. Some would only collect Traits and the occasional Special Skin (although they would avoid risking it in the arena once they have it). Others would occasionally play Snook’s Ladder. Regardless, the key point is that these players specialize in relatively low-risk, low reward activity supplying the next stratum.

Trait Combinators and Special Skin “retailers”

Both by collecting Traits directly and (mostly) by buying Traits, they will collect an inventory of Special Skins.

Trait and Special Skin Traders

They make the most of marketplace arbitrage opportunities to scout, buy and aggregate Trait inventories (less by actually playing).


Forming the Demand side, they will play the Battle Arena to collect Traits, but they will also buy them mostly as Special Skins. Buying them as snooks means they will have to upgrade them by playing or with fusion - both options incurring cost/risk. It therefore depends on the market prices and alternative costs.

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