Big Boys Table

The Big Boys Table (BBT) separates those who talk from those with skill. It allows you to create and/or participate in a Snook game in a dedicated arena with the winner taking the prize* ($$). The Big Boys Table is a type of game-mode where users can stake collaterals (tokens) against each other, and the winner takes it all home.

*Note that this mode does not have an NFT element to it, which means you don’t need to mint or have a minted snook-NFT to play. Our Crypto mission is also to normalize crypto and build a bridge on which noobs can walk without fear (Yes, we are aware of the irony. Shut up.). Inclusivate now!

Environment and setup

  • Number of players is capped

  • Time capped

The different types of Rooms

The standard* Big Boys Table comes in several configurations (the setup of which we describe below). To keep things organized, let’s start with the flow of the UX and that will lead us to the classification of rooms.

*As opposed to BBT-TR that are described separately below.

  1. Select the Big Boys Table mode

  2. This leads you to the Big Boys Table Dashboard. That is a good way to review the different types of rooms.

    • Game Mode: Death match / LOS (Last One Standing) / Teams

      • DeathMatch

        Kills count. Room creator decides on up to 7 rounds, the Arena itself is smaller and shrinks faster. On the other hand, there’s no Dianoga, so, take comfort in that. Every round ends when there’s a last Snook in the Arena. However, as hinted above, in this Mode winning and ranking is based on number of kills. Every kill grant the player with +1 points and every kill-by-wall (suicide) penalty the player with -1 point.

        So, if a Snooker is not aggressive and uses the famous Monty Python “run away” strategy, he might survive till the end, but he will receive no laurels. Just mockery. In case of a draw the winners split the allocated prize.

      • Last One Standing (LOS)

        Well…the winner is the last snook in the Arena

      • Teams (Not related to an overly complex MS solution)

        This mode is limited to two teams [Anyone not belonging to your team is fair game (pun, very much, intended]. The number of rounds is 1,3,5 or 7 (best-of), to allow for a winning team that will have the largest number of wins.

    • Staking:

      If staking is “on” it means that every player is required to contribute an equal Stake to a communal prize pool. If it is off, it means the creator provides the prize.

    • Private or Public:

      Anyone can access a public room, that’s why it’s called public. If private, then the room creator can either gate the room with a password that is verifiable on-chain (kinda cool), or can toggle Collections ON, then select a certain collection if applicable.

Finally playing

So, you chose one of the rooms from the dashboard and you clicked on “Join”. You are now here. We honestly feel that if you survived this far, and since we try to be consistent with our language and UX, you should be able to find your way around this screen on your own.


The winner takes it all. Well minus the room fee. People need to eat.

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