Snook is Chain-agnostic

Decentralized Snook Cores

Implementing cross-chain messaging technology allowed us to deploy additional “Snook Cores”. Each Core is a self-sustaining, fully functional Snook economy. They are basically mechanisms for receiving funds and distributing them according to set criteria. The basic functions of the Core, as mentioned, is to receive and distribute funds. The nodes in the Snook Cores Network (SCN) are able to realize their function because they communicate with each other, sharing information about ranking, scores, winnings and other salient parameters required in order to calculate reward allocations for the different game modes.

Note: This could have been achieved centrally manually or with RPA. This is why we call it Decentralized Snook Cores, and this solution automates the process and removers central intervention.

Game experience

Players from different chains play against/with each other in the same map. The fact that their assets are stored on different networks has no impact on the game experience.

Battle Arena - Minting and PPK

Imagine two users about to play Snook. One is minting a snook on Polygon and the other on Harmony. The minting cost is processed separately on each chain. The allocation for PPK rewards is kept separately as well and paid independently at the end of the match, each from its designated SCN.

Load Balancing

This raises the question, what if the player from the Harmony chain kills more than the player from Polygon? Will this not create a deficit in the Harmony Treasury. The simple answer is that it might, and we have designed a solution for that. Over a long enough period and with a wide enough user base on both, or all, networks, these discrepancies would even out. However, they might still occur “locally” and require a dedicated solution. For that we developed a load-balancing algorithm. The idea is that if one Snook Core has a deficit, others (some or all) will have a surplus and those funds can be routed to the underfunded Treasury to cover its PPK obligations.

The Big Boys Table

The impact of this technology on the Big Boys Table is different. This game mode is not chain-agnostic in the same way we described above. That means that a Room created on Polygon is accessible only for Snookers from Polygon at this stage. However, the Big Boys Table also has the Themed Rooms (Sometimes referred to as “Collections”). The Chain-agnostic approach allows us to integrate admittance criteria from other chains. If, for example, a user has NFTs on a Gnosis chain and to be admitted to an BBT-TR she needs to prove ownership, she can do that even if the Themed Room itself is being played on a different (not Gnosis) chain.

Collection owners will be able to receive royalties from BBT-TR created on Polygon to their multisig safe on different chains.

Snook Ladder

We suspect that those who have been paying attention so far (kudos) can imagine the implementation in the Ladder. Basically, what is happening in the background is continuous chatter between the different networks to provide a near-real time score and ranking. The actual reward calculation is done at the end of the season and is tallied only after all information has been shared and propagated in the SCN. The Fund Load Balancing ensures that all Treasuries have sufficient funds. Neat.

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