Function and Role in the Snook economy

In addition to their in-game utility, Traits serve as Snook’s fundamental, unpegged vehicle for storing monetary value. Fundamental because when they are aggregated, in specific combinations, in a snook-NFT, they form a compound unpegged vehicle for storing monetary value, the Special Skin. If this seems to be a bit vague, please read on. We elaborate on these terms below and especially in Economy and Gameplay.


In the game Traits appear encased in semi-translucent prisms or spheres.

Trait assignment

Traits can be assigned to different parts of the snook based on a secret Neo-Ophidian Neural Yotta-Byte Integrated Zeta (Ness).

Trait Acquisition

Excuse me! You dropped something.

A freshly minted snook comes with one random Trait. When a snook dies in the game it leaves in its wake all the orbs it consumed, and sometimes, not always*, Traits**.

*There’s a probability function that determines the chance, type/s and number of Traits that will be dropped. What’s the function, you ask? It’s N(ON)=Ya[B/SN(ess)].

** It is possible, that a snook will posthumously drop more than a single Trait selected at random, or even all of its Traits. That’s because the probability function is applied independently to each of the snook parts.

Other ways

There are other ways of acquiring Traits. Most of these other ways are relevant to and discussed in the Game Modes, so be patient.

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