How to play - The Douche Version

It's not that hard, figure it out by yourself.
ok ok - here:

Gameplay Overview

Decent internet connection?


Get a snook

Connect your wallet and mint a snook.
Supported Wallets: Metamask/Portis/Torus/ Venly/Wallet Connect.
Note: There's this thing called gas. It's pretty cheap on Polygon (MATIC). Still, you're gonna have to have a positive MATIC token balance in your wallet. A couple of bucks worth will keep you playing for a while. A long while.

Eat & Avoid”

Use your mouse or keyboard to steer. Space bar / left-button to accelerate (and shrink your snook).
Eat orbs and you get bigger and add to your game-score. Eat/collect Traits (that other players drop when they die) and it changes your snook's appearance. When you enter the game, you mint a new snook-NFT. It comes with a single random Trait, There are three types of traits: Colors, Patterns, and SWAG (Wearables). As mentioned they affect the appearance of your snook.
Oh yeah, there are also Special Skins. They are the real value drivers for your snook! How do you get those? Read further.

Secure your snook (Extraction Points)

Think of the Game-map as a giant circle. Near At the edge of the Play Zone in the Snook Game-Map there's a ring that is called the "Extraction Zone". There you can find the extraction Points. They are circular and portal-like. If you go through them, you can leave the game without losing your current snook.
At every moment there are 2 extraction points somewhere in the Extraction Zone. Their location is random and changes every few moments (so don't think you can skulk around them).