The Lair is where you, like Smaug, can “sleep” on your valuable assets. It is the main UX from which you mint snooks, see your “portfolio”, select servers, and start playing.

Hexagonal tile inlay

The fundamental layer of the game’s arena (the game-map). Normally it comes in gradient blue. During special occasions/events or in Themed Rooms (see below Big Boys table Themed Rooms) the design of the hexagonal tile inlay may change.


The area in which snooks can move. The arena can have a design overlaid on top of the hexagonal tile inlay.

Arena’s border

Every arena has a circular border that defines the game’s limits.

Gameplay UX (HUD)

When playing the user/Snooker*/player has, in addition to the limited view of the immediate space around it, a mini-map showing the snook’s location in the entire arena, a scoreboard with real-time ranking, indicators with the number of players currently in the arena, and the actual ping time in milliseconds. There are additional UI elements, but what fun would it be if we write all of them here. Explore and discover on your own.

*Snooker is what we sometimes call the player/user behind controlling the snook in the game [usually also the owner of the snook-NFT but not necessarily]

Shrinking Arena and the Red Zone (Death Zone)

Yup, pretty straight forward. In some modes the arena itself shrinks, by reducing the border’s radius. The shrinking arena is executed in “waves”. A set time after the match starts, a new red circle appears. It defines the new arena size. At the same time, a timer countdown appears, indicating the start of the shrinking. The area between the current border and the new border appears as a red ring. Hence the name, “Red Zone”. Once the timer reaches zero the arena starts shrinking. At this stage any snooks in the Red Zone should get the f@#k out of the way. Staying in the Red Zone reduces score/mass (which could make your snook vulnerable or kill it if it goes to zero). Once the new border has been reached, the arena goes back to a static mode. At least until the next “wave” starts.

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