The snook

[Pickle] snook backstory

Ever see a cat's reaction to a cucumber? Well, the first snook was the result of a freak Cucumber accident at a secret lab in a Scandinavian country with a name the rhymes with inland. That day Janice was on her way back after raiding the communal fridge for unlabeled food. She got lost and long story short she dropped a teenage cucumber into a flux capacitor. The resulting pickle became conscious at 11:13 (May 4th, 1984). We're not sure why they called it a snook. It may have been because although it looked like a snake, crawled like a snake and ate like a snake, they knew it was not a snake. Or maybe it was just their terrible "inish" accent. Since then, the green snook, not unlike the Hulk, has been smashing it.



Minting a snook costs $1.25 USDC and is paid in $SNK.

Lives and Resurrection

Each snook comes with 5 lives and 1 Trait. After dying 5 times it is still possible to resurrect it at a cost. For more about Resurrection click here.


Your snook has a head, a body, and a tail. (There’s actually a more detailed morphology and anatomy, but for our purposes three body parts are enough.)


Traits affect the appearance of the snook. They control its color, body pattern, and added wearable SWAG. Freshly minted snooks are fairly plain except for a single randomly assigned Trait. Additional Traits can be collected. We elaborate below on how to acquire additional Traits and their importance. Below is the screen you see when you click on the Snook Journey in the Lair main screen. It shows the Traits associated with a specific snook-NFT.

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