Snook's ecosystem is driven from two token protocols, ERC20 token and ERC721 Non-fungible token (NFT). The ERC20 token is to be issued on Ethereum L2 and later in the roadmap on L1 with PoS bridge, to allow the holders to move the tokens between the two chains. That said, the only utility for the ERC20 token to be on L2 and the NFT to be issued solely on the L2. For the Ethereum L2 chain, we are using Polygon (previously Matic).

Snook's Tokens ($SNK) - ERC20

  • To enter the game and mint a basic snook NFT, users pay a minting fee with $SNK token
  • The $SNK used to mint a new snook is burned immediately, lowering the total supply. No new $SNK to ever be minted.
  • If a snook dies in the game, the user may resurrect it by paying resurrection fees with $SNK tokens. All the $SNK tokens used for the resurrection are transferred to the treasury.
  • $SNK tokens may be also used for reward staking
  • Rewards are beings distributed from the treasury as $SNK tokens

Snook's Non-fungible Tokens (snook) - ERC721

We have decided to utilize ERC721 protocol over ERC1155 for its wider ecosystem support.
  • snooks are the characters used by the users in-game.
  • Upon death inside the game, the snook is burned if no resurrection has been placed by the user.
  • snook NFTs are storing all the necessary game events like score, traits collected, skin appearance, and so on.
  • With the right rarity, snooks are also applicable for rewards to incentivize the users to keep on exploring new special skins and increase their Snook's rarity through skill, time & adrenaline.
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