Tournament mode
The Gladiators’ Arena
Tournament mode is scheduled for release soon. Once it is released, Snook will hold a tournament once a month, on the second Sunday of each month.


Participation in a tournament is open to anyone that has a tournament pass (which is an NFT minted by Snook).


Each month Snook will mint a set number of passes and then allocate them according to the following guidelines:
  1. 1.
    Top players: 40% will be allocated to snook owners (= having snook NFTs in your wallet) with the highest in-game score.
  2. 2.
    Up and coming: 30% will be allocated at random to any snook owner that has at least one snook Special Skin.
  3. 3.
    Stakers Rock: 30% will be allocated to active Snook stakers. (If you're not sure if you are or not, you're not.)
If you are eligible for a tournament pass, and/or got selected at random, the system will automatically mint the pass and transfer it to your wallet. Tournament passes are NFTs. That means they are tradable. Giving them away or selling them is at their owner's discretion. If there aren't enough people in groups #2 or #3, we'll increase the allocation to group #1.

Tournament rules

  • The tournaments will take place on the Snook standard map.
  • For each tournament, we will invite 100-200 players.
  • Extraction points will be disabled.
  • Tournament matches will be time-limited and will not exceed 30 minutes.
  • If a snook dies in a tournament it does not lose its Traits.
  • snooks that die in a tournament are not burned. It's basically a risk-free arena to play, demonstrate your skills and show the community your prized snook possessions such as a super rare Special Skin.
  • The winner will be the last snook "standing" (or crawling). If both snooks survive and the time elapsed, the snook with the higher score wins.

Tournament prizes

The total prize pool allocated for the tournaments is up to 12% of the total Treasury at the time the tournament starts. The prize pool is relative to the ratio of invited players and actual participation.
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